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Check out these places I have appeared around the Web for more Nest Egg goodness:

* See my tips for taking Your First Step from Debt to Financial Freedom right here.

* What an important topic. Learn How to Afford Fertility Treatments in Part 1 and Part 2.Julie Morgenlender, Nest Egg Chick

* If you’re a new entrepreneur looking to quit your day job, be sure to read this post to find out exactly when you will be ready to take the leap.

* I get into all sorts of financial goodness, like how to pay down $100,00 in student loans, on Femcentric’s podcast.

* From Debt to Financial Freedom: I gave this presentation at a local library. They recorded it for a local television station, then put it on YouTube.

* My first money-making endeavor didn’t work out in the long run, but it was great practice! You can hear about it here, at around 4:22.

* I do many guest presentations in various Facebook groups. To find out about those, simply join the Nest Egg Chick Facebook group and watch for my announcements about those talks.

* Of course, I also do talks in the Nest Egg Chick Facebook group itself, so be sure to visit!

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