Few things suck more than being totally stressed out when you get home from vacation because of the all the bills you have piling up, amiright? But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I laid out a plan to go on vacation without going into debt.

Chasing your tail doesn’t work

Most of us go on vacation, then come home and try to pay all of the bills from that vacation. We’re paying for the original expenses, plus the interest that’s adding up on the credit cards.

And it sucks. Because if we didn’t have the money before the vacation, we don’t have it now, plus interest!

So instead of playing catch-up, I’m showing you how to pay up front. That way, you come home from a vacation that has already been paid for, and you don’t have any bills to worry about. Plus, if you don’t get paid vacation time from your job, I cover that, too.

Photo of woman swimming with text How to go on vacation without going broke

A happier vacation

The goal is to make yourself happier by not coming home to a pile of debt. And yes, it can be done! A few weeks ago, I gave a talk to a group of entrepreneurs on this topic. Thanks to the magic of technology, you can watch it here. I outline how to save for vacation, what to do if you can’t save enough for the vacation you want, and how to budget without feeling restricted or deprived. The end result: you will come home from vacation feeling relaxed, without any worries about vacation-related debt, because you will have already paid off all of your bills!


Ready to go?

It’s time to make sure you will be relaxed and stress-free during and after your next vacation! Follow these tips and I’m sure you will have the most enjoyable vacation you’ve ever had! Download this free infographic so you have an easy-to-follow plan for your next vacation – just sign up below and I’ll email it right to you.

Infographic listing 8 steps from the video above about going on vacation without going broke

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