Saving money is boring. Well, it’s boring until you realize all the awesome things it’ll do for you!

I could spend days talking about all the great ways a nest egg (or probably, more than one nest egg, each for different purposes) can improve your life, but today let’s focus on these 7. My guess is that at least one of them will get you itching to build your own nest eggs asap. They sure did for me! So at the end, I’ll hook you up with some easy ways to get started.

#1 Quitting your job

We’ve all had jobs we’ve hated. Think back to one you really couldn’t stand. Maybe you didn’t like your boss. Maybe you had to spend too many hours on your feet. Maybe it was boring. Whatever the reason, you wanted out! But you stayed because you needed the paycheck, right?

What if you didn’t need the paycheck, at least not right away? What if you had enough money in the bank that you could be out of work for 6 months? Or a year? Or 5 years? Would you have quit?

There’s something really freeing about having F-You Money sitting in the bank. You won’t quit your job every time you have a bad day, but you’ll know if that you’re really unhappy, you can leave and still pay the rent and buy food.

#2 Moving

Moving is expensive, and we all do it at least a few times in our adult lives. When you were cats-796437_192020 you might have borrowed a friend’s pickup truck and enlisted a few other friends to help you carry stuff in exchange for pizza and beer. But at some point, you started paying for more than pizza and beer.

As you move into more expensive apartments, the costs go up. First month’s rent, last month’s rent, a security deposit, and realtor’s fees could easily add up to $4000 or more. You might get a security deposit back from your last place, but not before you have to put money down on the new one.

At some point friends aren’t interested in carrying your stuff anymore. And let’s be honest, you’ve got nicer furniture now so you’d rather have the pros anyway. You might want to move out of state. But even a local move could cost $5000 or more. How will you move if you don’t have any cash in the bank?

On the other hand, if you have money saved up for your move, all you have to worry about is finding an awesome place to live and figuring out how to get Fluffy into her travel carrier before the movers arrive to take care of the rest.

#3 Not going into debt for every emergency

At some point you’re going to have an expensive emergency to deal with. It could be a broken water heater like Marisa’s or a sudden medical expense. Maybe you have to help your sister out of a jam or you get an expensive speeding ticket.

Those things all suck. But they suck even more if you have to go into debt to pay for them. Having a nest egg lets you pay for these things without going into debt, and that’s a huge relief. It means there’s a bit less suckiness in your life during an emergency, and don’t we all want that?

#4 That thing you’ve always wanted to do

We all have something that we’ve always wanted to do but that we haven’t for one reason or another. Personally, I’ve always wanted a dog. Dogs are expensive. Good thing I have a nest egg! Sure, food and groomings shouldn’t come out of the nest egg, but it’s reassuring to know it’s there in case my canine pal gets sick. (No, I don’t have a dog. Yet. But stayed tuned for an update on the pooch front in the near future.)

I’m not suggesting you can spend all of your savings on every whim you’ve got. But if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, and you have enough money in your nest egg that you’ll still have plenty left for an emergency fund and your other savings, then why the hell not? Maybe you’ll even start a nest egg specifically for your bucket list.

If you’ve been wanting to see the Aztec pyramids, go scuba diving, or learn to play the piano, now’s your chance! With a nest egg, money is no longer your barrier. Go for it!

#5 Not sweating artisanal cheese

We all have things we’d like to splurge on. A nest egg won’t let you splurge on everything all the time, but it does mean you can have an occasional splurge without worrying that you won’t be able to cover some other bill before your next payday. With plenty of savings on hand, you don’t have to stress over an extra few dollars here and there. Keep it reasonable, and you can splurge here and there without sweating it.

Now excuse me while I go have some brie.

#6 Not missing out

Your friend’s wedding 3 states away. Your sister’s baby shower. Spending a week’s vacation with your best friend who now lives overseas. These are all wonderful things that you shouldn’t miss out on, but when you don’t have a nest egg, sometimes the money just isn’t there.

Now imagine getting a phone call from your best friend: she’s getting married next year and wants you to be a bridesmaid! Oh, and it will be a destination wedding! This is exciting, but you start adding it up: bridesmaid dress, shoes, gifts, bachelorette party, plane ticket, hotel…. without any savings, this would feel completely impossible. But with a nest egg, you can be happy for your friend without worry! It’s a lot of money, but you’ve put it aside so that you can have fun with the people you love, and this sure counts. So now you can relax and celebrate. (But good luck with the dress!)

#7 Your savings will grow faster

An interesting thing happens when you have money in the bank: it grows. Sometimes it grows from interest. If you invest it, you might get dividends. Or maybe it grows because subconsciously you want it to. .

I know that sounds strange, but think about it. When you’re stressed out about not having enough money, you avoid thinking about it. You avoiding checking your bank balance. You avoid adding up your bills. So what do you think will happen when you have savings? Right. You’ll enjoy looking at your bank balance. You’ll still want to avoid thinking about all those school loans and such, but they won’t stress you out nearly as much. The idea of money won’t feel stressful. So you won’t pull away from it. And when money doesn’t stress you out, you come across more of it.

Suddenly you’re willing to work a bit more for some extra cash. You cut back on spending without even thinking about it, because you’re so happy about having savings in the bank that you don’t want to diminish them, and you’d even like to grow them. You throw any extra money at the end of the month into your nest eggs without giving it much thought.

And then the next step comes along: you start doing these things intentionally! Then the money grows even faster! It doesn’t feel like effort, and you actually enjoy it, because you love the feeling of freedom you have every time you need money for something and you don’t have to stress about it.

Don’t believe me? Start a nest egg, and then prove me wrong. I dare you! Because once you get a taste of the freedom a nest egg gives you, you’ll do whatever you can to avoid going back.

Of course, first you have to get started. Put $100 in your nest egg this week by choosing one of these ideas (just enter your email address in the box and I’ll send them right to you,) then try out the others and watch your nest egg continue to grow!

Then please come back here and let me know how it’s going, because I just love hearing nest egg success stories and helping those starting out find their way to nest egg success!

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